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Treat Yourself to a Dermaplaning Treatment and Reap the Benefits

The cold weather is creeping in, and we will soon be well into the winter season, waking up to frozen windscreens, slippery pathways and the overwhelming urge to wrap up in every piece of clothing you own as soon as you get out of the shower.  The drop in temperature doesn’t only takes its toll on the inside of your body – have you ever considered the effect it has on your skin? 

In the summer, most people take more care of themselves, by drinking plenty of water to cool themselves down, taking in a good dose of Vitamin C from the sun and moisturising their skin with sunscreen and after-sun lotions.  In the winter, many revert to drinking less water, staying indoors – out of the rain, and neglecting their skincare.  At Radiant Skincare & Beauty, we offer a ‘Freshen Up’ Dermaplane treatment, and an ‘Elite Dermaplane’ treatment.

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Protecting Your Skin

It is extremely important to protect our face against all weathers, no matter the season.  Cold and windy weather can deteriorate the natural barrier of the skin, causing it to dehydrate.  This, in turn causes dry patches, and/or the appearance of cracked skin, and cause your skin to feel tight and uncomfortable.

To protect your skin during the colder weather, you can do several things such as following a daily skincare routine which includes a serum and moisturiser; drinking plenty of water; and importantly, wearing SPF.  Sun protection isn’t just for summer.  The rays still penetrate the clouds when it is dull, and although it may not look bright and you are unlikely to burn, you can still sustain skin damage by both UV rays.

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Types of Dermaplaning Treatments on offer at Radiant Skincare & Beauty

‘Freshen Up Dermaplaning’

Double Cleanse & Tone
Skin Analysis
Soothing Mask

Elite Dermaplaning’

Double Cleanse
Skin Analysis
Full facial and neck massage, using quality facial essential oils
Soothing Eye Massage
Target facial mask for specific skin type

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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a safe, non-surgical procedure which is pain-free.  It involves removing the top layer of dead skin cells, using a sterile blade. Dermaplaning will also remove ‘peach fuzz’ aka vellus hair. Contrary to rumours, although this hair obviously will return over time, it does not grow back any thicker or darker than before.

After a Dermaplaning treatment, you are left with velvety smooth skin, which is well hydrated and glowing.

In addition, you will notice that your facial products will penetrate deeper into the skin layers which will ultimately improve the skin appearance and balance the sebum oils in the skin, leaving a much more balanced skin tone.  Over time, with regular treatments, pigmentation can also be reduced.

Dermaplaning Aftercare

Looking after your skin post-treatment is essential.  You should avoid applying make-up for 24hrs, and wear a minimum of SPF 30 protection. The use of sunbeds; sitting in the sun; steam rooms or saunas should be avoided for at least 48 hours and you should not have any other facials for at least 7 days. 

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Our Recent Dermaplaning Google Reviews

I had an amazing afternoon yesterday, my skin feels amazing after a dermaplane and facial.  Michelle is very knowledgeable and gave me great advice on how to look after my skin during this stage of my life, thank you again. xx


I have had a few treatments at Radiant Skincare and Beauty.  My latest treatment was Dermaplaning.

My skin has never felt so good, would highly recommend Michelle.


Have had both lash lift and tint and dermaplaning done at Radiant Skincare & Beauty and both times I was amazed with the service I received.  Michelle made sure that everything was explained to me and that I was comfortable.  The results were amazing and I will definitely be returning for future treatments.

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